Oct. 31, 2016

#NOMORE How to "#NOMORE"... (Connie J)

From afar, they look fine
Like life is "just great"
Yet up close, in their eyes
You see a different state
Most don't see all the pain
That is hidden, enclosed
In a shell that is sealed
Only rarely exposed
To those who can see
Beyond, what is there
To crack through the surface
To prove that they care
To validate & listen
To what's NOT being said
To support if they choose to
Leave this horrible bed
That's been made by a choice
Not necessarily their own
But has been made, just the same
How could they have known?
The stranger lurking inside
The love of their life
How could they have missed
The impending strife?
One sees what they want
Sometimes, til it's too late
Choices are made,
Are they stuck in their fate?

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