Oct. 29, 2016

#NOMORE Taking Off the Mask... (Connie J)

Halloween is here. With it comes children, and adults dressing up in costumes and masks, and planning tricks or treats. It's all in fun, right?

In a Domestic Violence situation, masks are often worn by the perpetrator; causing the Victim, and sometimes family members to put on masks of their own, in an attempt to hide what goes on behind closed doors. They are often told by the perpetrator that if they tell anyone what's going on, they will not be believed.

Sometimes, they go to great lengths to destroy any hope of connections with family, friends, co-workers, or anyone at all outside the home. They convince the Victim they, themselves, are the ONLY one who cares about them. In some situations, they proceed to abuse them further by mistreating them, their children, and even family pets and their personal property.

Does any of this sound familiar? Are you a Victim, yourself; or do you know someone this relates to? A possible #NOMORE, in this situation, could be to encourage them to take off the mask and talk to someone. This could be the first step in putting an end do Domestic Violence in their particular situation.

You see, that's how it works. One situation at a time. Talking about Domestic Violence, and all the Awareness that's on the media, etc, is just a step. Individuals making the choice to say "#NOMORE will Domestic Violence destroy my life", is the key. It's a scary thing, I know. But, sometimes, fear can be a great motivator.

Just remember, there is NO formula. Each situation is different, and not everyone "get's it right" the first time. Just be there...and help someone "Take off their mask..."

Have a good day, and be safe... #NOMORE #KNOWMORE

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