Oct. 25, 2016

#NOMORE "People..." (Connie J...)

Spent the weekend at a retreat with my friends. One thing I love about this group of women, is the level of honesty that has grown as we've spent the last 20-plus years together.

People have come and gone throughout the years; but the core has basically, remained the same. We have laughed, and cried together; fought and made up; and learned about each other from the heart, out. There is very little, if anything, "hidden" from these women. They are "My People".

How about you? Do you have friends, "people", that you can share yourself and be honest with? Do you know someone, who perhaps, could be in need of "people"?

I'm not talking about being codependent, and rescuing someone; but they may be involved in a Domestic Violence situation, and just need someone to reach out to them. To ask, "Are you ok?"; and LISTEN to what they are, or are not saying.

The only "formula" for a #NOMORE, per se, involves listening to your heart, and following it. There is no "wrong way" to follow your heart.

I challenge you to look around you. Do you know someone who needs you to share your #NOMORE, and be their "people"? Are you a Domestic Violence Victim in need of "people"? Please, reach out, one way, or the other.

Have a good day, and be safe... #NOMORE #KNOWMORE

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