Oct. 16, 2016

#NOMORE Celebrating...Anything... (Connie J)

I've been thinking a lot lately about celebrating things (my Birthday was last week), and it hit me how hard it has to be for the Victims of Domestic Violence to celebrate...anything.

When you have to always be in a state of readiness for, most often, negative reactions to celebratory situations (Birthdays, Holidays, Achievements, etc); it makes your celebrating them difficult. You know "something" will most likely happen to ruin the happy occasion; you just don't know when or what.

This wears on a person after awhile; making "the happiest of times", not so happy.

I remember being with a friend on her Birthday. We had gone to a movie, 5 minutes away. We left IMMEDIATELY after the movie was over; and when we got back to her house, her husband was standing in the driveway. He started yelling at her before the car was even to a complete stop.

I knew at that moment, if he was able to be that...stupid...with us standing right there, there was a LOT more going on when there was no one around.

This, I think, was the moment my passion to do what I could to fight Domestic Violence was lit.

She left him, taking only what she could fit in 3 laundry baskets and her kids, about 4 months later. I still hear the theme song for "Mission Impossible", when I think about that; but that's for another time.

Have you ever witnessed, or experienced a similar situation in your life? THAT'S just one example of Domestic Violence.

What would/could your #NOMORE be in that situation? My #NOMORE was to go to her on her break at work, and talk to her. I told her what I had realized in that moment by the car. I also helped her with her "escape". That was in 1993.

It started with others taking a notice of her, not him; and celebrating her life. He couldn't handle when the focus wasn't on him, and his needs. He was a narcissist.

I hope I made you think a little...as this is my goal. Remember, the only thing you can do "wrong" is to not follow your heart.

Have a good day, and be safe... #NOMORE #KNOWMORE

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