Oct. 7, 2016

#NOMORE Making Something Out of "Nothing"... (Connie J)

I spent last weekend at a Scrapbook Expo...there were a LOT of people ("Scrappers") in attendance. They were all buzzing about the classes and workshops they were taking, and making something out of seemingly "nothing". This is also a good metaphor for living life, in general; but especially if you're a Victim of Domestic Violence.

As a Victim, you're often left lacking, sometimes, even the basic necessities of life. You learn to be very "creative" with what IS available. If they mentally abuse you; such as your significant other cuts you off from external friends, and even extended family, your children often become a MORE important source of companionship. If they do not make adequate fundage available to you, you learn quickly how to make little go even further. If they are physically abusive, you learn to come up with new stories to explain the bruises and marks left by their attacks.

Creativity should, in a perfect world, be a fun thing. There is nothing "fun" about Domestic Violence, in whatever form.

Those involved in the #NOMORE Campaign are dedicated to spreading awareness, and to help Victims to fight back, and even escape Domestic Violence.

My personal #NOMORE is this Blog; to pass out Domestic Violence Awareness ribbons; and to talk to people everywhere I go about how no one deserves to be abused.

What is your #NOMORE? Do you have access to any skills, or services that might be able to affect anyone in your life that may be a Victim of Domestic Violence? As October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, I challenge you to be "creative" and see what you CAN do to come up with your own #NOMORE, and to put it into action - not just this month, but every day.

Thank you, have a good day and be safe...

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