Sep. 27, 2016

#NOMORE Running Into Walls... (Connie J)

Do you ever feel like everywhere you turn, you run into walls? This is how a Domestic Violence Victim...survives. Like the remote-control cars that turn and go in a different direction every time they run into something. You keep trying to please your significant other, and everyone else; but, more often than not, to no avail. I just got a vision of one of those Roomba automatic sweepers, trying to clean up all the "mess".

I mean, I get overwhelmed when I have too many things going on, whether physically or mentally; but I only have Motion and myself to take care of. I honestly don't think I would do well if I had a family to care for, also. Sometimes, changing the litter box, and refilling the food and water bowl feel like too much to do.

Victims of Domestic Violence have many walls they must attempt to bounce off of, paint, climb, repair, and even tear down; and that's just in trying to deal with their partner, family, job, and keeping themselves together. Add to that, trying to figure out: how to better their situation, what is their fault, do they have any other options, etc...OY!!!

Do you get how exhausting that is??!

A great #NOMORE could be being a good support person. Ultimately, the Victim has to MAKE the choices; but if they don't have any clue of the choices they have available, or even that they CAN make choices...that's where you come in. Inform yourself about Domestic Violence. Observe your friends. But always keep in mind, they're already being controlled by someone else - you cannot choose how they proceed, just be there and be supportive.

Also, sadly, not everyone "gets it right" the first time...they may decide to leave, or whatever, and change their mind. If that happens, you must still let them know you support them, and their right to make the decision; but you may not necessarily agree with that decision. Being a support person is not always easy; just be there, regardless, and help them #KNOWMORE.

Have a good day, and be safe... #NOMORE #KNOWMORE

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