Sep. 26, 2016

#NOMORE Who DO You Think You Are??! (Connie J)

This question can cover a multitude depending on what portion you put the most emphasis. I prefer emphasis on the DO.

Saw this on Facebook, recently, and I think it's appropriate: "Unless you're a Survivor of emotional abuse, you have no idea what it means to fight daily battles in your head with a person you no longer have contact with. Verbal, emotional and physical abuse have residual effects on the victim. You don't 'just get over it'."

So I ask you, again, who DO you think you are? Are you to the point you're no longer a Victim, & have moved on to Survivor? This does NOT mean you can never be affected, or have flashbacks and triggers; but the effects will lessen with time.

DO you know you are a worthwhile individual; worth the time and effort it may take for you to open up and trust others? 

DO you still live with your abuser, feeling trapped by their very presence - let alone when they're angry; leaving you in a constant state of feeling unbalanced? 

What DO you think you can DO to promote Domestic Violence Awareness, and affect your immediate world? DO you have a #NOMORE to apply and promote to make a difference, and help others to #KNOWMORE? 

Have a good day, and be safe... #NOMORE #KNOWMORE 

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