Sep. 15, 2016

#NOMORE October is Coming...DV Awareness Month... (Connie J)

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. That being said, what can you do?

There are actually many things, that can be done all year; but especially in October:

- Contact a shelter and ask what they need. Be it donations of money, items, volunteer time, or whatever; do what you can to make it happen. A girl I work with had several donation drives for the county my retail job is in, and did really well. She sold Disney pins she purchased in lots from eBay, and sold them individually; and she also collected money, and items on a list provided by the local shelter. She did it around Christmas time, first; but anytime is good for this.

- I know in Columbiana County, OH, there will be a Domestic Violence Awareness Breakfast at St George's Catholic Church at 8:30am, on Thursday, October 6, 2016. This is in Lisbon, OH. Contact this website for more information, if needed.

- Talk about it. Domestic Violence is STILL a taboo subject in many social circles. There is more information available to the public, now, more than ever, and it still is not HEARD. THERE IS NO SHAME IN BEING A DOMESTIC VIOLENCE VICTIM...pass it on!!!

- Pay attention to your surroundings. I talk to Domestic Violence Victims (AND Survivors) all the time, at my retail job. Let them know you see THEM. If you see Domestic Violence perpetrators, let them know you see THEM even more!!!

The bottom line is, ANYONE can battle Domestic Violence. There are as many ways, as there are people. Be creative. As I've said before, Domestic Violence perpetrators are getting more and more creative in their battering - let's try and level this horrible playing field!!!

What is YOUR #NOMORE to battle Domestic Violence? How can you spread awareness, and let those in your immediate area #KNOWMORE about this ongoing battle?

Have a good day, and be safe... #NOMORE #KNOWMORE

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