Sep. 8, 2016

#NOMORE Dealing With the Trauma... (Connie J)

You have been a Victim of Domestic Violence. THAT is a very traumatic experience. If you have children, this has been multiplied, because you have had to watch your children suffer, also.

Have you ever dealt with it? I'm not talking "just moving on from it". I'm talking about really dealing with the aftermath of what you've been through.

Remember, "dealing with it" is as diverse as the people involved. There is no right, or wrong way to do it.

I prefer journalling, or even just writing. Sometimes, I'm amazed at what comes out. Things I didn't even know were bothering me, or affecting my daily life. I can honestly say I've learned a LOT about myself over this last year through this Blog, even.

Talking to someone, either a professional, or even a trusted friend, can be helpful, also. Assure them, from the beginning, that you're only trying to deal with the trauma; and in no way expect them to "give you all the answers". Those have to come from inside you, anyway. You just need a safe place to share what's been going on, inside. If you choose a friend, make sure the lines of communication are open; that if they feel they cannot be that "safe person", to let you know immediately. You're really not looking for a "dumping ground".

Keep an eye on your children. If they're acting out, or closing themselves off, talk to them about it. Not in a confrontational way; do it over a snack, or folding laundry, or even during a commercial. Keep it casual...they're already confused and traumatized, enough. If you need more help, ask your health care professional, or clergy. You also can contact us through this website.

If you find yourself self-medicating with drugs, or alcohol, or even food, or any other "coping mechanism"; it may be time to ask for help. Just be honest with yourself, and those around you. There is NO shame in how you're feeling. NO. SHAME.

Does any of this sound familiar with yourself, or anyone you know? If it does, make that your #NOMORE to maybe mention it to them, or someone; and help to #KNOWMORE and begin to heal. Remember, it IS a process...

Have a good day, and be safe...#NOMORE #KNOWMORE

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