Aug. 26, 2016

#NOMORE Living A Lie... (Connie J)

Have you ever had to live a lie? If you've EVER been a Victim of Domestic Violence, or ANY kind of assault, you have.

 People ask you how you are, and you respond, "Fine." But are you? Even if you're not, this is the natural response; because we (people as a whole) cannot handle if someone isn't "ok".

 In general, you're not going to share your story with everyone you come across; maybe not even those closest to you.

 Much of it is out of fear:

- they won't believe me, or they'll say it's all my fault, or I told you so.

- people will think I'm weak, and take advantage of me.

- if people knew what was going on, they would hate me.

- there are many possible thought scenarios.

 Another possible reason is it's over, but you never dealt with the leftover feelings of failure, fear, hatred, or even love.

 Gone, but not forgotten is more than just a "catch phrase"; and if you've never dealt with it, it will not just "go away".

 One of my #NOMOREs is encouraging my friends and aquaintances to be honest with me about how they're feeling. I try to be honest with them, too.

 I do try and encourage them to be happy and ok, also; but I try and give them room to be what they need to be. If they're not ok, I ask if there's anything I can do to help them be ok; and if I can't, I just let them know I love them.

 Bottom line is, there are times in life you just have to live that lie; but it does NOT have to be the only way you live.

 Can you think of any of your own #NOMOREs that could help yourself, or someone you know to have to live their lives with less of a lie? It's tiring for them.

 Maybe encourage them to journal, or talk to someone (professional, or even yourself). Just be supportive  - don't be controlling. Forcing someone into the healing process will NOT work; and there is NO right or wrong way to heal.

 Have a good day, and be safe... #NOMORE #KNOWMORE 

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