Aug. 13, 2016

#NOMORE Who You Are... (Connie J)

One thing you have to remember as your life progresses...what has happened to you does have an influence on you, yes; but it DOES NOT define you as a person...who you are!!! The physical scars may show forever, and the "secret scars" may always affect how you make decisions in your life; but how you shine is wide open to you. Your choice.

Being defined by what happened to you is so limiting. I know. I did it for over 30 years of my life...I won't say wasted years, because they made me who I am, today. However, it finally sunk in that the only one defining me by what happened to me, was me. Everyone else saw what I had become, and I "looked" pretty the untrained eye.

Few knew the daily struggles I had. I had learned to hide them so well, but nights and alone time were really bad. I was a cutter, which I thought was suicidal; but was really seeking help. I was just trying to release the pent up pain inside. I did have suicidal thoughts, also.

I consider myself fortunate that I don't like the taste of alcohol. I would probably be a recovering alcoholic; and never tried drugs, because was too afraid I would become addicted (Thank you, Miss Martinelli). God DEFINITELY had His hand on THIS child!!!

I just want to encourage you to keep moving forward in your healing process; or if this is new information to start your healing process. You are wonderfully and beautifully made.

Thank you, have a good day, and be safe...

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