Aug. 2, 2016

#NOMORE You're Safe...Triggers Happen... (Connie J)

As with most life-affecting situations, getting through them is just the beginning. Like Rafiki taught Simba in "The Lion King" when he whacked him in the head with his stick; even when it's over, the pain (physical and psychological) may remain for a while, but you learn from it. I'm in NO way saying it's a lesson ANYONE deserves - but a lesson, just the same.

Recovering from Domestic Violence is different for everyone - there is NO time frame; but just know, that even if you get triggered sometime down the road, it doesn't mean you have not recovered.

Triggers come in all shapes and sizes. They can come in a smell or scent, a color of fabric or a room, even a touch on the arm or a question - all 5 senses can be involved. The first thing to keep in mind, is that it's not happening now. You will probably experience the same feelings in that moment; but this should lessen with time.

Isolating yourself will not necessarily help, though. Call a friend who is aware of your situation, and just tell them what's going on. Sometimes talking about it, or journaling can help. Ignoring it won't really make it go away, either. It's a part of who you are, today - there is NOTHING to be ashamed of.

If you were involved in a Domestic Violence situation, join me in saying #NOMORE; and sending me ideas that might have helped you, and can maybe let others #KNOWMORE to be able to help someone else.

Thank you, have a good day and be safe...

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