Jul. 22, 2016

#NOMORE The Scariest Time Can Be... (Connie J)

Did you know, statistically speaking, the MOST dangerous time for a Domestic Violence Victim can be when they actually make the choice to leave, and after? That's when the perpetrator realizes they're losing their grip on the Victim; their power and control is at it's lowest, and their rage can be at its highest.

This is one reason most Shelter locations are kept secret. It gives the Victims a safe place to regroup and figure out their next step/steps.

This also opens up a practical way for ANYONE to help combat Domestic Violence - you can make donations to your local shelter - cash, new or lightly used clean clothing and toiletries, or even your time. If you contact a shelter, they can usually give you a list of needs. Often, the Victims come in with nothing but the clothes on their backs - so they really need EVERYTHING!!!

My goal with this Blog is to impart a little wisdom, and help people #KNOWMORE; and perhaps, eventually, to be able to say #NOMORE to Domestic Violence.

Have a good day, and be safe...

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