Jul. 21, 2016

#NOMORE Feeling Paralyzed... (Connie J)

When I have a lot going on in my life - be it good or bad - even all these years later, I have a tendency to become paralyzed.

Imagine having that feeling almost every moment of every day living with a perpetrator of Domestic Violence. You never know, even if they're having a "good day", when that "one thing" will happen to trigger their rage. Add do that mix the uncertainty of whether they will become violent; or shut you out, first, so you have to wait for the rage to come - leaving you in a constant state of waiting off-balance and uncertainty.

That uncertainty is what causes the paralyzation. "Should I do the dishes or the laundry?" Even everyday things get questioned; because you want to be able to protect yourself, or your kids, if need be.

Have you ever felt this in your own life, or heard someone else say something similar? The signs of Domestic Violence are as varied as the perpetrators and Victims. The main "ingredients" are power and control.

My #NOMORE is to watch for the signs every day, wherever I go; and to help those around me to #KNOWMORE. What is yours?

Have a good day, and be safe...

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