Jul. 7, 2016

#NOMORE Teaching Children Boundaries... (Connie J)

Recently, there's been a LOT on the news regarding different forms of "boundaries": from "building a wall", to keeping children safe at the zoo, amusement park, etc.

I personally think part of the solution lies within our daily interaction with our children and teaching them personal boundaries - both their own and others. Childhood is when we're SUPPOSED to "learn the basics" - ie: respect for yourself, and those around you; just because a door is unlocked and you CAN walk in, should you?; we're all free to make our own choices in life - but that does NOT mean we may not have consequences if we do; etc.

In a Domestic Violence situation, self-preservation becomes the most important life-lesson; and other basics tend to fall by the wayside. Often, it's not the first generation that Domestic Violence has taken place. The victim doesn't even realize they're a victim. They fall in love, quick and hard, because that's all they know. They can ACTUALLY, often, see Domestic Violence in other people but not themselves. 

I'm not a parent; but I've tried to be a good influence to any children I come in contact with, whether I know them or not. I also work with a number of late-teen/early twenty year olds, who are right at the "fall in love quick and hard" age. Another part of my #NOMORE is to listen to them, and if I can, try to encourage personal boundaries. To tell them, and ANYONE who confides in me, that they DESERVE better than that. That they DESERVE to have their personal boundaries respected, and THEY matter!!!

Can you think of anyone, right off the top of your head, that you could share this #NOMORE with? How can you affect your immediate world, and help them to #KNOWMORE?

Have a good day, and be safe...

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