Jun. 28, 2016

#NOMORE What Does Domestic Violence Look Like? (Connie J)

When you hear the words Domestic Violence, what do you see in your mind? Do you visualize a woman with bruises on her arms or legs, maybe a black eye? Visible wounds.

That is ONE form; but unfortunately, Domestic Violence comes in a plethora of forms. Physical, mental, verbal, financial, spiritual, emotional, or any other "...al" you can think of.

You would think, with all the "awareness" and discussion, today, that it would be a shrinking problem. Regrettably, Domestic Violence abusers are getting more and more creative; thereby causing the ones battling Domestic Violence to have to follow suit.

There is no "cookie cutter" abuser; they can look like a "thug", a businessman...or even a pastor or police officer. They can be male OR female; teenager or senior citizen.

Honestly, if you pay attention, you can see them all around you when you go out in public. Sometimes, it's very subtle; and other times it's "in your face", and you just want to throat-punch them!!! (Don't, by the way; that will NOT help.)

Some people have the mentality of "you just see what you want to see", or "you're just blowing it out of proportion", etc; but it IS a very real problem.

Remember, all you can do is your part - if you see a situaion in public, for example, *interrupt and ask for directions somewhere (it may confuse the abuser just enough to take the "wind out of their sails" for that particular moment.) Be creative, but try and not escalate the situation, either. (*courtesy "Live the GreetDot")

Bottom line, until the victim makes the choice to stop their role in the cycle of abuse, nothing any outsider does will directly change their situation, unfortunately.

What is YOUR #NOMORE? How can YOU help victims, or others around you #KNOWMORE about what Domestic Violence looks like, and how to fight it?

Thank you, have a good day, and be safe...

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