Jun. 18, 2016

#NOMORE What Does Fighting Domestic Violence Mean, Anyway??! (Connie J)

When I talk about fighting Domestic Violence, what comes to mind? How do you visualize the battle? Riding by someone's house on a horse, or in your car and hearing someone scream, and crashing through the door and "saving" a victim? Perhaps a little over the top, right??!

Do you know that it can be as simple as sharing an informative Facebook post? *Or asking someone in a public domestic dispute directions? (*info courtesty "Live the Green Dot") Or if you see someone with "mystery" bruising, notice them and not the bruising, and ask if they're ok? Donating to a Domestic Violence shelter - either money or goods, or even your time?

You can click right here on this website, www.ozerministriesinc.com , under "Contact" to help locally in Columbiana County, OH; or on Facebook on the NO MORE Campaign page.

There really ARE a lot of ways you can help - NO effort is too small. Step one would be to reach out and see if anything catches your attention; or maybe come up with your own ideas.

ANYONE can become a Domestic Violence Advocate - you just have to care. Together, we can say #NOMORE, and help those around us #KNOWMORE.

Thank you - have a good day and be safe...

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