Jun. 7, 2016

#NOMORE "SHAME" On You??! NO!!! (Connie J)

If you have been a victim of Domestic Violence, or ANY kind of sexual assault; chances are you felt, or even still feel a sense of shame. When you stop and REALLY think about it - how backwards is that??!

Victim shaming is often the first response from people when the victim finally starts to share what is going on, or did happen in their life. Unfortunately, the higher profile you have, the bigger the flack.

This is one, of MANY reasons, victims keep their mouths shut until it either ends, somehow, or tragedy happens; sometimes both.

Often, the first question is, "Why didn't they leave?"; or "I can't believe they let them do that to them. I sure wouldn't have put up with that...", etc.

Until you have been in that situation, you do NOT know; so why don't we start supporting the victim, instead of perpetuating their shame? They've got that covered, so to speak.

I heard Vice President Joe Biden speak at the Academy Awards. He said, "...we need to change the conversation...". THIS IS SPOT ON!!! I've never heard ANYONE ask, "Why did the abuser/perpetrator do that to the victim??!" "Why did they feel it was ok for them to...??!", etc.

My #NOMORE is to commit to do my part to change the conversation. To do what I can, using this Blog, and any other means I have available to try and do just that. One victim at a time.

What is YOUR #NOMORE to get the word out so victims, AND perpetrators can #KNOWMORE?

Thank you, have a good day, and be safe...

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