May. 25, 2016

#NOMORE Domestic Violence Affects Everyone... (Connie J)

I believe there are few people in the world who have not been affected by Domestic Violence, even in some small way. A lot of people aren't even aware of it; or if they are, it's been such a taboo subject for so long they "don't even want to go there". When I say affected, I don't mean them personally, or even their family. Most people know someone throughout their lifetime, who either was, or is a victim or survivor of Domestic Violence.

I didn't fully make the connection, until the flasbulb went off in my head within the last 5-10 years, that I was raised in a Domestic Violence situation. Sure, I knew what went on behind closed doors, and even played out in public - but that was just life, right? I'm sure the look on my counselor's face was classic when I DID make the connection; but at that point in time, and even still now, sometimes, I don't look her in the face when it gets really intense in my appointment.

There is a stigma, and a shame that latches on to a victim. Logically, there is NO reason; BUT that's how the perpetrator prolongs it - THEY sure aren't going to take the blame and deal with the ramifications. That is their power and control. To do that would be a sign of weakness.

I bet if you took a second, right now, you could think of at LEAST one person in your life who might be a victim of Domestic Violence. What can YOU do? It's none of YOUR business, right? Domestic Violence is EVERYONE'S business - you can't "go in with guns blazing"; but what CAN you do? If you're out in public and see a situation - act  like you're lost, interrupt and *ask for directions. That may take the heat off of the victim, and ther perpetrator will lose their train of thought. One situation possibly diffused.

That's the only way to fight Domestic Violence, realistically - one victim/situation at a time.

How can you do something to say #NOMORE as an outsider? Educate yourself, be creative, and #KNOWMORE...

Have a good day, and be safe...

(* information courtesy GreenDot.etcetera)

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