May. 21, 2016

#NOMORE The Next Generation... (Connie J)

I was recently talking to a friend of mine, and she shared this with me:

Her daughter is a teenager, not ready to date; just finding herself and her own style. She hasn't really spent that much time with her father since her mother divorced him, around 10 years ago.

He never pushed for visitation; but in the last year or so, he has asked to spend some time with the kids. They're old enough to make the decision to go or not, so she leaves it up to them.

She has recently found out, her ex hasn't changed a bit. He has  begun trying to use the same belittling mind games on their daughter he used on her before she divorced him. His current girlfriend has even gotten involved; texting her, trying to "explain" why he has said the things he's said, etc.

Fortunately, my friend has become empowered in her time away from him. She is in a healthy relationship; and doesn't take negative stuff from anyone. She told the girlfriend to stop "giving her excuses" for why he does what he does, numerous times, til she finally got the hint and stopped.

She is currently working to repair any damage he might have done, and empower her daughter.

This is a classic example of how and why Domestic Violence continues from generation to generation. I know my friend will do all she can to empower her daughter, and teach her son to respect women.

I will also make the point Domestic Violence can happen to men; the complete flip-side of the situation I just outlined. The numbers are less - but the battle is just as important.

Bottom line, Domestic Violence crosses gender, culture and class. We all have to fight it wherever we are; so that maybe, just maybe, we will be able to say #NOMORE, forever!!!

What is YOUR #NOMORE? How can we educate the next generation to #KNOWMORE? I would love to hear some of YOUR ideas.

Thank you, have a good day, and be safe...#NOMORE #KNOWMORE

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