May. 19, 2016

#NOMORE Do These Sound Familiar??? (Connie J)

You go to a party with your significant other. While there, your friend comments they haven't seen you around much. You used to go out shopping, or even just go to their house for coffee at least once a week. You tell them you've, "Just been really busy at home."

Your Mother calls you and tells you they're having a Birthday party for your Father. You tell her you're not sure you'll be able to come. When she asks why, you snap and tell her you, "Have your own life to live. Quit making demands on me!!!"

Your child wants to have her best friend stay overnight; they stay at their house all the time, but never have them at her house. You make up yet ANOTHER excuse; and when they push it, you blow up and say, "Fine, just stay home, then!!!" They stomp off to their room, crying.

You go to get gas with your partner. They send you in to pay. While inside, there's a problem with the pump. You stand there talking to the attendant while the machine resets. All of the sudden, your partner storms in and tells you to get a move on; "Quit standing there flirting and get back in the car!!!"

You and your partner are in business together. They leave at 11:00am to go to a businessman's luncheon which lasts about an hour. They don't get back until after 3:30pm. You've been fielding phone calls from clients all afternoon, because they should have been back by 1:00pm, at the latest. The clients are mad, and YOU'RE mad; but you ask the simple question, "Where have you been?" They blow up, and storm out of the office, get back in the car and drive away. You're left wondering: 1) What did you do wrong? 2) How are you going to get home to the kids in a little while, because they're your ride home.

These are just a few scenarios that I came up with. Some are based on actual events from my own life. The common thread is Domestic Violence. As I've stated before, and recently read about on social media regarding the hashtag "#JUSTBECAUSEHEDOESNTHITYOU", the violence is not always physical.

The abuser will use mental and emotional mind games to degrade the victim and their self-worth; thereby gaining control. Because that's the bottom line - power and control.

The #NOMORE campaign is about victims taking back that power and control, and moving from victim to survivor; plus educating the upcoming generation to say #NOMORE early on.

As you read this post, hopefully it inspires you to come up with your own #NOMORE ideas, and educate others to #KNOWMORE.

Thank you, and have a good day, and be safe... #NOMORE #KNOWMORE

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