May. 12, 2016

#NOMORE Coping Mechanisms... (Connie J)

When you're faced with problems in your day-to-day life, how do you cope with them? Do you power through; or do they knock you down? There are as many ways to deal, or not deal with them as there are people.

Personally, I fluctuate. I have run the gamut from plowing through; to curled up under the covers in the dark. Thankfully, I have good people around me to help me back to where I need to be, before I fall over to the "dark place" too far.

Many times, Victims of Domestic Violence are in the "dark place". They're still functional to the naked eye; but the despair they live in daily feels insurmountable.

Often, the quieter times are almost scarier than the chaotic times. The chaotic is more predictable; while the quiet can be the most damaging. It's in the quiet that the more covert, emotional and psychological damage takes place. They're left unbalanced, so to speak. Questions circle in their heads: "Are they really sorry?"; "Did I really just imagine everything?"; "Am I the one with problem?"

The perpetrator sure isn't going to take the blame for those.

Sometimes, these coping mechanisms can rear their ugly heads long after the period of Domestic Violence. All you can do is recognize it, and move forward from it. Just be encouraged, you're NOT the only one.

Join me in saying #NOMORE to the atrocities; and moving forward by #KNOWingMORE.

Have a good day, and be safe...

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