May. 9, 2016

#NOMORE The Paralyzation of Pain... (Connie J)

When you have pain, how do you react to it? I'm pretty sure that MOST people, especially if it's physical, will move away from it as fast as humanly possible; like, if you're hand is in a fire, or a car door, right??!

Ok, imagine being conditioned to pain, both physical AND psychological; and when the pain comes, it's such a normal way of life, that you just stay and take it. You feel paralyzed.

This happens a LOT in Domestic Violence, and in most cases of ANY kind of abuse. It's your survival mode. I wish people would stop and think about this before they ask, "Why don't they just leave?" When a child is being abused they don't ask this.

Plus, if you factor in "Stockholm Syndrome", which you rely on your "captor" for all your needs. There is such psychological warfare going on there, survival is the biggest priority at the time. Deep down inside, you're aware you need to change your situation; but that would compromise your and your children's safety.

Unfortunately, there is no "easy" way to escape. In more and more situations, leaving is THE most dangerous time. It is NOT a simple decision.

Does this sound like your situation, or a situation a friend or family member is in? If so, there is help available, if you ask.

Change begins with will you share YOUR #NOMORE and help others #KNOWMORE?

Have a good day, and be safe...

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