Apr. 25, 2016

#NOMORE Taking Care of Yourself... (Connie J)

"You have permission to rest. You are not responsible for fixing everything that is broken. You do not have to try and make everyone happy. For now, take time for you. It's time to replenish."

Sometimes, in this busy world, especially in a Domestic Violence situation, self-care becomes a low priority. I think this is when it's even MORE important. Unfortunately, it's not always practical; so you've got to get it when you can, and make the most of the opportunities you're given.

I've never had children, but I know that takes even more of your time. However, I'm not talking about a big chunk of time - like a spa weekend, or even a movie.

Sometimes, even just closing your eyes for a couple seconds before you get out of the car; or even savoring that first sip of coffee before something your child has thrown at their sibling lands in it. Be creative. Look for those moments and take back one small part of your life at a time.

Step one may just be realizing it's okay to take care of YOU. That you ARE worth it; then make it a priority every day to take that time.

Most of what I share with you are parts of a process. None of it is an end-all answer to your situation. They are meant to make you think, and yes, even realize YOUR self-worth.

Have a good day, and be safe... #NOMORE #KNOWMORE

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