Mar. 30, 2016

#NOMORE Setting Personal Boundaries... (Connie J)

I recently read an article on another reputable DV website regarding personal boundaries. Listed were 28 types - they are actually innumerable. Stating things as "minor" as your own personal belongings; to as "major" as who you share your body with. (The minor vs major are based on personal perspectives, of course.)

Most boundaries are regarding basic human needs and respect. Just because you're in a relationship, it does NOT mean you're "open for business" 24/7. You still have a right to say no, and have that be respected. Having your own ideas, personal space, values, beliefs, schedule and feelings deserve the same respect.

As you think about your current relationship, or those from the past; how are you at setting personal boundaries? Were you able to command the respect you deserved? If not, have you learned, or are you learning from the past to change your present and future?

It's never too late to start; but you do have to take the first step. As we have discussed in previous posts, the power is in YOUR hands regarding how you let yourself be treated. You DESERVE respect.

Thank you, have a good day and be safe...#NOMORE #KNOWMORE

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