Mar. 19, 2016

#NOMORE "Being Comfortable in the Uncomfortable"... (Connie J)

Recently, I was out and about on my day off. While eating at my favorite eating establishment, I looked around at different times of day, and was SURROUNDED by people I had met before, or had as customers and did NOT want to deal with on my day off!!! Ok, maybe I sound a little bit melodramatic; but there were at least three situations. Ha, ha!!!

Anyway, that is one example of being comfortable with the uncomfortable. Some days, there is no escaping this feeling, when you work with the public, especially; and sometimes, it's even worse there, because you have to maintain a level of professionalism.

When I'm on my day off, there are times I feel like I'm the most horrible person on earth. Like what just happened. One of the people I was complaining about paid my bill!!! Another example of being comfortable with the uncomfortable. Blessed in spite of myself.

These are really just minor examples. Mother Theresa, and Princess Diana are major examples. Most people are faced with the daily "Comfortable with the Uncomfortable" opportunities, which are minor to you; but could be a major game-changer for someone's life.

You could be eating in a restaurant, and see someone verbally abusing and putting down whoever they're eating with - be it a man, woman, or child - this is NOT ok!!! If you can, at least give the receiver a smile, or a nod - let them know they are seen and not alone. Overcome your lack of comfort with their situation; and who knows, that could be just what they need to finally try and change their situation.

When I give these tips, they are not meant to be an "end all", and I am never intending to be flippant. I just want to encourage others to do what they can.

Have a good day and be safe... #NOMORE #KNOWMORE

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