Mar. 7, 2016

#NOMORE Hope Out of Brokenness (Connie J)

We had an art exhibit to raise Domestic Violence Awareness, recently (pictures are on website, under Videos). There were many different photographs, paintings, drawings, several mannequins, and even a piece of "live art". The title of this post was the theme.

It was interesting to see the different perspectives on the theme. Plus, it was also noted there were some pieces created from the theme, versus those pieces already existing that fit the theme. All were beautiful in their own way.

There were many different reactions to the art pieces. Regarding the "Live Art" - I believe they achieved the goal - I wonder how many people actually missed the woman sitting off on the side, quiet and unassuming, with VISIBLE (tattered clothing and bruising) "signs of abuse" on half of her, and the other side perfect? While I enjoyed(?) the winning artwork, plus the others; the living art work demonstrated real life to me, the most.

A lot of us are surrounded by victims of Domestic Violence every day - or may be one, ourselves - and "miss" it.

I try to have my radar up and running wherever I go. If I can, I try to at least catch the eye of the victim and give a smile or a nod; and in that one little moment, send them hope. To make sure they know they've been seen; which is often part of the abuse - they're led to believe no one outside of the situation cares about, or sees them.

How can you, in your daily trek in life, bring "Hope out of brokenness" to someone?

Thank you, have a good day and be safe... #NOMORE #KNOWMORE

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