Jan. 1, 2016

#NOMORE The End of 2015... (Connie J)

From the Sports Arena, to Hollywood, to the International Forum - this year has been a big year for Domestic Violence Awareness in the public eye.

I just don't know how big an impact it's having on the private sector, however. This is just me talking, here. I have had friends who were involved in Domestic Violence situations, and removed themselves from those situations; and are now involved in situations that are just a new (to them) Domestic Violence situation, only more covert. All I can do is watch them continuously make the decision to stay, and get deeper involved.

I feel personally obligated to watch, and keep them and their kids in my thoughts; and keep sharing my thoughts in this Blog. We have spoken about it in the past; but for me to say anything at this point, would just be one more person trying to influence their decisions (in their eyes). It HAS to come from inside them.

Not all Domestic Violence Victims are ready, willing, or able (mentally, emotionally, or financially) to make the break and make it stick the first time. Some, it takes numerous. Some, never.

Being a Domestic Violence Advocate isn't all rallies, ribbons and balloon launches, either. In my minimal experience, I have seen the good, the bad and the ugly - from someone going from Victim to Survivor; to the Victim never making it away from their abuser alive.

I've had conversations with people wondering why I do what I do; this has been around since people started having relationships in the beginning of time. Sometimes, I DO wonder what difference I can make. Domestic Violence will always be an issue in our society. I just know I can't NOT - I HAVE to do what I can...

Have a good day, Happy New Year, and be safe...

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