Nov. 19, 2015

#NOMORE "The Old Dry Well..." (Connie J)

Say you have a well. It provides you with the liquid nourishment you need for a very long time. One day with NO apparent warning, the well dries up. You move on, dig a new well, and life goes on.

Let's say, a few years down the road, with normal precipitation, etc; the well begins to be productive again - YAY!!! Right??! However, all the leaves, and sludge and muck that were coating the bottom of said well go where? On TOP of the cool, crisp, refreshing water.

To get to the liquid greatness, you must scoop out, and deal with all the muckiness.

This is the BEST description I have ever heard to describe the healing process. Your heart is that productive well.

When you get hurt, whether physically, emotionally, or mentally, your heart kind of dries up, and you may survive; but it's not productively and you kind of stagnate (sit there, figuratively).

As you begin to heal, your heart fills up with the refreshment...but what's all that sludge on top? Ewwwwwww...right??!

As you persevere, and balance comes to your life as you work on your issues, the muck gets less and less.

Saying #NOMORE can be the first step to getting your "old dry well" back into production...

Have a good day, and be safe...

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