Nov. 4, 2015

#NOMORE The Uphill Battle...Why DO We Fight? (Connie J)

Domestic Violence, Violence Against Women, etc, has been around pretty much since time began. Does that make it right??! Does it mean we don't fight??!

Not from where I'm sitting!!! We are in the world to do what we can, while we are here.

Unfortunately, injustice is the counter-balance we need to be able to appreciate justice; as we have hate, to be able to feel LOVE even greater.

While I'm pretty sure the initial plan was for love and only positivie - the reality of life isn't that way. So we persevere.

This world is a crazy place; but knowing we're not fighting alone really helps.

Will you raise the battle cry of #NOMORE with me, especially since it's no longer Domestic Violence Awareness month??!

The battle still rages on...

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