Oct. 22, 2015

#NOMORE - Step One...Posted by Connie J

Domestic Violence - What does it mean to you? Have you been personally affected by it? Do you know? What exactly IS Domestic Violence, and why should you care? What people do in their own homes is none of your business, right?

*"Did you know that 1 in 3 women or 33% and 1 in 4 men or 25% will be victims of intimate partner violence in their lifetimes?" This says to me, unless you live in a cave by yourself in the middle of nowhere,  you have already been affected; you just may not be aware.

Awareness, I believe, is Step One.

I just wanted to get you thinking about Domestic Violence. I'll be back again, with more information. Please comment with your thoughts on my thoughts - let's keep the dialogue going long after October ends...

(*Jenny Rukenbrod Pike - "October is everything awareness month")

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